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Why founders should love the pain of giving share options to developers
This post is my reasoning why a web startup founder should make sure they feel the pain when it comes to share options with their new business and love it. A web startup has some key ingredients for success: the quality of the development, speed of entry to market, stability and support are some of […] More

An offer you cant refuse
We all remember that famous line spoken from Don Vito Corleone in the Godfather movie of “Ill make him an offer he cant refuse”. Wouldn’t that would be great if we could make a deal that nobody would refuse, I am sure a business and personal lives would benefit greatly. So is there a way […] More

Lean Startup: So you think you have a brilliant idea, yeah who else ?
One of very common mistakes a startup can make is thinking they are on a winner, we even laugh at them during shows like Dragon Den as some more sod shows of a universal baby interchanging device thingy that he has donated the last X years of their life too. The poor person always looks […] More

I will be presenting the Sydney Windows Bizspark Camp
Believe it or not you can be a startup that is not on the web or not on the iphone, so to prove that these people do exist we have created a bizspark camp to see talk about what is happening. It should be a great afternoon of networking so why not come along and […] More

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